Student Success: Drafting Program Graduate Isaac Short

We are so excited to hear about the success of our students after they graduate. We recently caught up with Isaac Short, a graduate of our Drafting program at Bridgerland Technical College.

Here is what Isaac had to say about his time at BTECH.

“My experience at Bridgerland Technical College was an amazing door opening experience.

I planned on going to school at USU to becoming an architect one day. This would have included me transferring and having to move.

I found the Bridgerland Technical College Drafting program and quickly enrolled.

I learned exactly what I wanted to learn for my career. I learned how to run my own business as a drafter which is the goal my wife and I have. My teachers were great and the schedule was very flexible! The price was way more affordable then a normal university, with very generous Pell Grant’s and scholarships available! With the help of my teachers I was able to graduate early!

Since graduating my wife and I have started our own side business and I got a job in my field working for Nucor Building Group as a 3d modeler/detailer!

I loved my experience at Bridgerland and recommend it highly to anyone who asks about it.”            

We are so proud to see Isaac reaching his goals with the help of Bridgerland Technical College!