Student Success: Meat Services Graduate Joanna Ball

Joanna Ball is a proud graduate of our Meat Services program. She recently shared her story with us about her experiences at Bridgerland Technical College.

“My name is Joanna Ball (now Brewington).

I was born and raised in Hamer, Idaho on my family’s farm and ranch. I have always had a love for agriculture.

The Meat Services program caught my eye at BTECH because I was curious to learn the processing side of livestock. I was not disappointed in my time there. Jason and Scottie were excellent teachers and are now very good friends that I still feel comfortable enough to call with any butchering questions I may have.

After graduating BTECH in August, my husband was an elk hunt guide and I was the housekeeper at a lodge. My skills from school came in handy as I got to help the guides skin the elk. I also worked part time at Blue Mountain Butcher Co in Firth, cutting game for the ranch we worked at.

Someday I am hoping to work locally in Logan. I am glad to have been a part of this program because it is such a fun and very handy skill to have.

When you have a dream or a goal in mind, you can accomplish it. You just have to get the right tools and set your mind to it. Bridgerland Technical College has the tools for you. They can help you in the process of accomplishing the goals and dreams you have.

Joanna is a great example of someone who has accomplished her goals. If you want help in pursuing your dreams, stop by BTECH today!