Trevor Hirschi – Instructor at Bridgerland Technical College Receives Recognition for Unique Fidget Spinner

“Trevor Hirschi decided to make a fidget spinner, the market was already saturated with $2 plastic devices that covered the shelves of toy stores and bodegas. So Hirschi, an instructor in Machining Technology at Bridgerland Technical College and a men’s jewelry designer, got to work on something a little more exciting.

After shuffling through a couple different concepts, he settled on an airplane propellor. He’d kept a World War II airplane model in his room as a child that would later inspire his first fidget spinner, the TiSpin Prop. To make it, he assembled a 3-D model and used a computer numeric control machine to carve grade 5 titanium into the shape of a propellor. That machine runs at up to 30,000 rotations per minute, which Hirschi says is necessary to create precise blades for his propellers.

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