Tristan King: Embarking on a Compassionate Journey in Phlebotomy

Meet Tristan King, a passionate individual enrolled in the Phlebotomy program at Bridgerland Technical College (BTECH). Hailing from Layton, Utah, Tristan’s love for ice cream, particularly salted caramel Aggie ice cream, knows no bounds. Inspired by BTECH’s reputation for delivering quality education and producing skilled phlebotomists, Tristan made the confident decision to join the program.

When not honing their phlebotomy skills, Tristan finds solace in engaging in hobbies such as horseback riding, fly fishing, cross-stitching, and enjoying the company of their beloved canine companions. As a self-proclaimed animal lover, Tristan also takes great pleasure in various crafting endeavors.

Dreaming of a future in the medical field, Tristan aspires to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). He recognized the invaluable knowledge and skills acquired through the Phlebotomy program, as the ability to work with patients’ veins and administer anesthesia aligns perfectly with his long-term career goals. Following graduation, Tristan plans to gain experience as a phlebotomist while completing the necessary prerequisites for nursing school.

For future students considering the Phlebotomy program, Tristan offers insightful advice. He emphasizes the importance of dedicating time to memorizing the various test tubes and reminds aspiring phlebotomists that not every venipuncture will yield success. Encouragement to remain resilient in the face of challenges is key.

Tristan’s favorite aspect of the program lies in the dedicated instructors who genuinely care about their student’s success and strive to instill confidence in their phlebotomy skills. Their guidance and support make all the difference, allowing students to grow into competent and self-assured phlebotomists. For those considering the Phlebotomy program, Tristan advises taking the lead, as initial apprehension can be overcome with determination and effort.

Reflecting on a positive experience in the program, Tristan recalls his first successful blood draw. Overcoming initial nerves, the instructors’ reassurance and guidance were instrumental in achieving this milestone. The feeling of excitement and accomplishment that followed solidified his passion for this field.

Tristan’s inspiration for pursuing a career in phlebotomy stemmed from the positive experiences shared by professionals in the field. The opportunity to interact with patients, forge connections, and witness the impact of their work resonated deeply. He views phlebotomy as an essential stepping stone toward a rewarding nursing career.

One of the aspects that Tristan cherishes about Bridgerland Technical College is the welcoming and supportive community. Fellow students and faculty foster an environment of camaraderie and shared success, creating lasting relationships and a network of support.

Tristan King’s journey in the Phlebotomy program at BTECH exemplifies the fusion of compassion, skill, and dedication necessary for success in the healthcare field. With a firm belief in the power of patient interaction and a relentless pursuit of their aspirations, Tristan is poised to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.