We hope you will join us for the Utah Manufacturing Tournament & Career Fair hosted at Bridgerland Technical College on April 18, 2019.


Fanuc Robot Challenge – Teams of 2 will test their ability to create, troubleshoot, and optimize a Fanuc robot. This is a timed event that will be judged on cycle time and accuracy.

Allen Bradley PLC Challenge

Teams of 2 will be presented with a problem to be solved with a manufacturing process to be programmed with a PLC. This is a timed event.

Solidworks Challenge

For this timed event, students will be given a part to model using Solidworks. First one to complete the model within tolerance wins.

Arduino Car Maze Challenge

Students will be given parts to build an Arduino controlled car. First one to get their car all the way through the maze wins.

Motor Controls Challenge

This is a timed event where students are presented with a design and build circuit challenge involving motors, switches, buttons, and indicators. Judged on functionality, time, and organization.

Schematic Challenge

Students will be presented with a working system, and students will be asked to create a simulated schematic using Automation Studio. Judged on functionality and organization.

Technician Tools Obstacle Course

This is a fast-pace skills test where students individually perform for a variety of tasks common out in industry. Judged on speed and accuracy.

Basic Electrical Challenge

For this timed event, students will wire a circuit based upon a given schematic. Judged on organization and accuracy.

LED Challenge

This challenge tests a student’s knowledge of resistance. All students win a prize if they complete.

Soldering Contest

Students will solder a circuit kit. Judged based on time and quality of solder joints. Contestants will keep finished product.

To Learn More Visit: https://btech.edu/umtc/