Utah Manufacturing Tournament & Career Fair

Our Automated Manufacturing program recently hosted their Utah Manufacturing Tournament & Career Fair.

This was definitely a fun day for students because they were provided with the opportunity to compete in a friendly skills competition. It turned out to be a great setting to showcase the skills of our very talented students.

The students were excited to use high tech equipment to compete. It was amazing to see how their enthusiasm translated to their work with all of the projects they created. Their energy made us excited to see where they will go in their future careers.

The students were also given the opportunity to meet with potential employers and discuss possible employment. It was thrilling for the students to see what kind of opportunities awaited them after graduation from their program.

Each student seemed to leave with an encouraged attitude and a bright outlook on their futures. We are so grateful for the chance to help students and guide them towards success.

For High School kids wanting to take the AM STEM Academy class at their high school, sign up now: https://btech.edu/amstem/