BTECH Winter Graduation

On December 4th, 2019, Bridgerland Technical College held it’s semi-annual graduation for BTECH students. Graduation is a special time of year for everyone at BTECH. Every spring and winter we look forward to seeing all of our accomplished students as they walk across the stage and receive their diploma.

This year we honored several of our Platinum Performers, or top performing students, with a short video. Each Platinum Performer was interviewed and footage was used to introduce them to the audience and showcase their hard work and efforts during their program. Each Platinum Performer was sponsored by Zions Bank.

After the video was played, all of the graduating students were recognized as they walked up to the stage in their black caps and gowns. Each student wore a specially made medallion with the school’s logo on it. As they received their diplomas they shook the hands of their instructors and or members of the school faculty.

Each student was met with a proud smile as they made they’re way across the stage and sat down with their fellow graduates. The success of a student is something that Bridgerland Technical College thrives on. We love graduation day because it gives us a chance to see the growth of our students. We look forward to next year and see the next group of successful students.