Bridgerland Technical College

June 21, 2021


4 P.M.


Item 1

Start Recording: State Date, Time, Place of Meeting, and Members Present

Pledge of Allegiance & Welcome


Item 2

Recognition and Honor of the Bridgerland Technical College Student of the Year

Adrienne O’Brien, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Nancy Kennedy, Board Chair

In conjunction with the USHE Student of the Year campaign, Bridgerland will be pleased to present the 2021-2022 Student of the Year selection. Throughout the year, instructors nominate ‘Platinum Performers’ who are the top performers in their program. These winners are then forwarded to the Promotions Committee to select the Student of the Year. This person represents Bridgerland and USHE during the upcoming year, including legislative and other public relations events. The Board Chair and Board Leadership members will present the Student of the Year award and will congratulate the winner.

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the Board.


Item 3

Presidential Scholarship Recipient Recognition

Jim White, VP for Student Services

Nancy Kennedy, Board Chair

The BTECH Presidential Scholarship is a prestigious award recognizing high school seniors from across the intermountain west. Recipients of this scholarship demonstrate exceptional ability and accomplishment in a technical training area and have a sincere desire to enroll and complete training at BTECH. The following students have been selected as recipients and have been invited to attend the meeting with their parent(s):

  • Lexxcey Petersen – Welding Technology
  • Hadley Severe - Diesel
  • Jesus Linares-Ramirez - Diesel
  • Samuel Christensen - Drafting
  • Karissa Eames – Pharmacy Technician

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the Board.


Item 4

Consent Calendar Approval

A. Minutes from the March 22, 2021, Board meeting are available online for review and subsequent approval.

B. 2021-2022 Postsecondary Fees

In accordance with the Utah System of Higher Education Tuition and Fees Policy 204.8.1, the College seeks approval of fees for postsecondary students. These fees help offset the cost of training and may consist of required external industry certifications, exam fees, background checks, expendable supplies, consumable goods, technology, and lab expenses.

Handout(s): 2021-2022 Postsecondary Fees

C. 2021-2026 Strategic Plan & Mission Statement

To review and update the Strategic Plan for the next year, a questionnaire was sent to faculty, staff, students, and Institutional Advisory Committee members (BTECH Board of Trustees) to gather input. Faculty and staff were emailed the draft plan and suggestions were discussed in the Faculty & Staff Meeting on June 4, 2021. Administration, with the direction of the President, evaluated all input and have suggested the additions as outlined in pink text. Items no longer applicable have been removed. These changes are designed for continual improvement and to fulfill the mission of the College. Included in the Strategic Plan is the Mission Statement, which is to be reviewed and approved annually.

Handout(s): 2021-2026 Strategic Plan & Mission Statement

D. 2020-2021 Strategic Planning Tri-Annual Highlights 

To provide timely evaluation of progress toward achieving the objectives in the Strategic Plan, Administration created the 2020-2021 Strategic Planning Tri-Annual Highlights document. This evaluation document provides an opportunity for the College to celebrate successes and achievement primarily for the November 2020 to March 2021 timeframe.

Handout(s): 2020-2021 Strategic Planning Tri-Annual Highlights

E. Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC) List

Occupational Advisory Committees are groups of individuals who represent business and industry to ensure students receive relevant instruction. In addition, OAC members may serve as guest speakers, conduct mock interviews, provide job placement opportunities, secure donations, volunteer at College events, etc. The College seeks approval of the OAC list provided.

Handout(s): Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC) List

ACTION: Recommend approval of the Consent Calendar items: (A) Minutes; (B) 2021-2022 Postsecondary Fees; (C) 2021-2026 Strategic Plan & Mission Statement; (D) 2020-2021 Strategic Planning Tri-Annual Highlights; (E) Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC) List.


Item 5

Election of New Vice-Chair

Nancy Kennedy, Chair

The election of a new vice-chair, in accordance with BTECH Policy 103.4.2 Election of Officers will be conducted at this meeting. The nominating committee will nominate the candidate(s), and the chair will declare nominations open for any other nominations (providing the member nominated gives consent and the criteria of 1.1b have been confirmed.)

Following the nominations, including discussion by the Board, the election shall be conducted by hand vote. Each voting member will have one vote for vice-chair. The candidate receiving the most votes will become the new vice-chair.

ACTION: Vote to elect a vice-chair for the BTECH Board of Trustees.


Item 6

Articles of Incorporation

Chad Campbell, President

In July of 2017, in response to legislative action that changed the College’s name to Bridgerland Technical College and also made it "bodies politic and corporate with perpetual succession and with all rights, immunities, and franchise necessary to function as such..." (53B-2-101), the Assistant Attorney General for Technical Education at the time, Doug Richards, filed articles of incorporation with the state of Utah that defined its purpose as "any legal purpose."

In an effort to have a more comprehensive set of articles of incorporation and to help facilitate the College’s request for the Internal Revenue Service to recognize Bridgerland as an organization of the type described in section 501(c)(3), the articles of incorporation filed with the division of corporations needed to be amended. A more detailed explanation of the need for this change will be provided at the meeting.

Handout(s): Articles of Incorporation

ACTION:  Recommend approval of the Articles of Incorporation.


Item 7

Policies and Plans Review

Chad Campbell, President

Although evaluated throughout the year, Administration coordinates a formal annual review of all Council on Occupational Education (COE) required plans and updates. This review has been in progress for a few months and has resulted in several suggested updates, which are outlined in the spreadsheet provided. Changes in laws and accreditation requirements prompt the majority of updates. Proposed changes are indicated with red and strikethrough. Plans not listed on this spreadsheet were evaluated, but no changes are suggested at this time. For your review, the complete list of policies and plans is available at

As a result of the recent retirement announcement from Jim White, VP for Student Services, the College proposes latitude to update job titles and names throughout the policies as appropriate.

Administration will be present at the meeting to address any questions or comments from the Board.

Handout(s): Policies and Plans Outline & Change Recommendations

ACTION:  Recommend approval of changes as provided in the Policies and Plans Review, including latitude to update job titles and names in policies/plans as appropriate.


Item 8

Fiscal Year (FY) 2021-2022 Operating Budget

Chad Campbell, President

Included for your information and review is the FY 2021-2022 Operating Budget. The spreadsheet provides a comparison of the changes among FY19-20, 20-21, and 21-22. During the March 22, 2021 Trustees Meeting, a brief update on the 2021 General Session of the legislaturewas discussed discussed. The FY 2021-2022 operating budget, prepared using the “base” budget appropriation amounts will be presented for discussion and approval.

In addition to the discussion and subsequent approval of the proposed “appropriated” budget, a brief discussion of the other sources and uses of revenue at the College will also be provided.

Handout(s): Fiscal Year (FY) 2021-2022 Operating Budget

ACTION:  Recommend approval of the FY 2021-2022 Operating Budget.


Item 9

Land Bank and 12th North Right of Way Proposal

Chad Campbell, President

Bridgerland is exploring the possibility of a land bank request along with a proposal from Logan City for a 12th North right of way.

Handout(s): Logan City Dedication Plat for 1200 North from 600 East to 1000 West and for 800 West from approximately 1100 North to 1200 North
Blue Springs Development Plan

ACTION: Recommend approval of the Land Bank and 12th North Right of Way Proposal.


Item 10

Chief Development Officer Report

Frank Stewart, Chief Development Officer

A brief update will be provided.

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the Board.


Item 11

Utah Board of Higher Education (UBHE) Report

Dr. Scott Theurer, UBHE Representative

A brief update from the Utah Board of Higher Education will be provided.

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the Board.


Item 12

Information Items

  1. Custom Fit Training Department – Year to Date
Fiscal Year Trainees Training Hours Total Companies New Companies
19-20 Qtr 3 3,665 45,730 181 30
20-21 Qtr 3 3,659 46,800 181 21


A. Management of College Investments

Bridgerland Technical College’s Controller, under the direction of the College President and the College Board of Trustees, invests the College funds in the Utah Public Treasurers’ Investment Funds (UPTIF) and follows the rules of the Utah System of Higher Education, the State Money Management Act, and the rules of the State Money Management Council. Quarterly investment reports are provided to the College President and the Board of Trustees. These files are available as links:

BTECH Investment Report 1st Qtr

BTECH Investment Report 2nd Qtr

BTECH Investment Report 3rd Qtr

B. Stand-Alone Courses

In accordance with USHE Policy 200, Section 5.1.2, courses not part of an approved certificate shall be approved by the Chief Instructional Officer and reported to the College Board of Trustees as an information item. The current schedule is included as a link and is always available online at No new courses need approval at this time.

C. Board of Trustees’ Duties and Responsibilities

To ensure the Utah System of Higher Education is efficient, effective, and delivers world-class instruction and research, the Utah Board of Higher Education and institutional boards of trustees must align responsibility and authority. The Board of Higher Education has established responsibilities and authorities for the Board, the boards of trustees, presidents, and the Commissioner. This file is available as a link.

D. Calendar/Happenings


Item 13