Bridgerland Technical College

June 22, Board Meeting

JUNE 22, 2020, 4 P.M.


Item 1

Pledge of Allegiance & Welcome


Item 2

Presidential Scholarship Recipient Recognition

Neil Perkes, Board Chair
Monica Giffing, Scholarship Specialist

The BTECH Presidential Scholarship is a prestigious award recognizing high school seniors from across the intermountain west. Recipients of this scholarship demonstrate exceptional ability and accomplishment in a technical training area and have a sincere desire to enroll and complete training at BTECH. The following students have been selected as recipients and have been invited to attend the meeting with their parent(s):

  • Evelyn Anderson – Welding Technology
  • Janessa Gardner – Practical Nursing
  • Savanna Kreiple – Animal Sciences
  • Susanah Rowles - Drafting
  • Olivia Trunnell – Cosmetology/Barbering

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the Board.


Item 3

Consent Calendar Approval

A. Minutes from the April 27, 2020, Board meeting are available online for review and subsequent approval.

B. 2020-2025 Strategic Plan & Mission Statement

To review the Strategic Plan for the next year, a questionnaire was sent to faculty, staff, students, and Board members to gather input. Faculty and staff were emailed the plan and suggestions were discussed in the Faculty Senate meeting on May 12, 2020. Administration, with the direction of the President, evaluated all input and have suggested the additions as outlined. Items no longer applicable have been removed. These changes are designed for continual improvement and to fulfill the mission of the College. Included in the Strategic Plan is the Mission Statement, which is to be reviewed annually.
2020-2025 Strategic Plan & Mission Statement Draft

C. 2020-2021 Postsecondary Student Fees

In accordance with the Utah System of Technical College (UTECH) Tuition and Fees Policy 204.8.1, the College seeks approval of fees for postsecondary students. These fees help offset the cost of training and may consist of required external industry certifications, exam fees, background checks, expendable supplies, consumable goods, technology, and lab expenses.
2020-2021 Postsecondary Student Fees

D. Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC) List

Occupational Advisory Committees are groups of individuals who represent business and industry to ensure students receive relevant instruction. In addition, OAC members may serve as guest speakers, conduct mock interviews, provide job placement opportunities, secure donations, volunteer at College events, etc. The College seeks approval of the OAC list provided.
Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC) List

ACTION: Recommend approval of Consent Calendar items as provided in the agenda.


Item 4

Training on Open and Public Meeting Laws

Eric Petersen, UTECH Legal Counsel

Every state has open meeting laws for accountability and transparency. These requirements are to be reviewed annually. Eric Petersen, UTECH Legal Counsel, will provide the training. For more information, see Utah Code Title 52 – Chapter 04 – Open and Public Meetings Act.

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the Board.


Item 5

Fiscal Year (FY) 2020-2021 Operating Budget

Chad Campbell, President

Included for your information and review is the FY 2020-2021 Operating Budget. The spreadsheet provides a comparison of the changes among FY15-16, 16-17, 17-18, 18-19, and 19-20. During the April 27, 2020, Board Meeting, a brief update on the 2020 General Session of the legislature along with HJR 301 – Urging Fiscal Responsibility were discussed. The FY 2020-2021 operating budget, prepared using the “base” budget appropriation amounts will be presented for discussion and approval. Budget reduction strategies, if any are required, will be discussed in general terms.

In addition to the discussion and subsequent approval of the proposed “appropriated” budget, a brief discussion of the other sources and uses of revenue at the College will also be provided.

ACTION:  Recommend approval of the FY2020-2021 Operating Budget.


Item 6

Policies and Plans Review

Chad Campbell, President

Although evaluated throughout the year, Administration coordinates a formal annual review of all Council on Occupational Education (COE) required plans and updates. This review has been in progress for a few months and has resulted in several suggested updates, which are outlined in the spreadsheet provided below. Changes in laws and accreditation requirements prompt the majority of updates. Proposed changes are indicated with red and strikethrough. Plans not listed on this spreadsheet were evaluated, but no changes are suggested at this time. For your review, the complete list of policies and plans is available at

Legislative and governance changes, such as SB 111, impact BTECH policies and plans. The College would like to request latitude to make minor changes to reflect updates to Utah Code.

Administration will be present at the meeting to address any questions or comments from the Board.

Click here for the Policies and Plans Review Sheet

ACTION:  Recommend approval of changes as provided in the Policies and Plans Review.


Item 7

Election of New Vice-Chair

Nancy Kennedy, Vice-Chair

The election of a new vice-chair, in accordance with Bridgerland Policy 103.4.2 Election of Officers will be conducted at this meeting. The nominating committee will nominate the candidate(s), and the chair will declare nominations open for any other nominations (providing the member nominated gives consent and the criteria of 1.1b have been confirmed.)

Following the nominations, including discussion by the Board, the election shall be conducted by hand vote. Each voting member will have one vote for vice-chair. The candidate receiving the most votes will become the new vice-chair.

ACTION: Vote to elect a vice-chair for the BTECH Board of Directors.


Item 8

Board of Trustees Report

Dr. Scott Theurer, Trustee Representative

A brief update from the Utah System of Technical Colleges Board of Trustees will be provided.

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the Board.


Item 9

Information Items

A. COVID-19 Response

Effective June 1, BTECH campuses resumed student enrollment and face-to-face instruction. This instruction is provided in accordance with the current CDC and local health department guidelines. Any new updates will be provided.

B. Custom Fit Training Department – Year to Date

Fiscal Year Trainees Training Hours Total Companies New Companies
19-20 Qtr 1 1,488 11,802 140 18
19-20 Qtr 2 2,257 25,378 176 19
19-20 Qtr 3 3,665 45,730 181 30
19-20 Qtr 4


(Won’t be final until June 30)

3,900 57,000 200 30

C. Stand-Alone Courses

    • In accordance with USTC Policy 200, Section 5.1.2, courses not part of an approved certificate shall be approved by the Chief Instructional Officer and reported to the College Board of Directors as an information item. The current schedule is included as a link and is always available online at New courses are available here.

D. SB 111 – Higher Education Amendments

As discussed in April, this bill passed the Legislature and was signed by the Governor. Language from that bill includes renaming the Board of Directors to Board of Trustees. The College is prepared to transition to new higher education governance.

E. Calendar/Happenings

  • Calendar available at
    • Board Meeting Dates
      • August 24, 2020
      • November 16, 2020
      • January 25, 2021

ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the Board.


Item 10

Recognition of Board Members with Expiring Terms

Neil Perkes, Chair

On behalf of faculty, staff, students, and Board members, Ann Geary and Dave Brown will be recognized for their many years of service. Their contribution to the College has been tremendous and they will surely be missed. Their terms end on July 1, 2020.


Item 11