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Prepare for your career. Every department works closely with an Occupational Advisory Committee, which consists of business and industry representatives throughout the region. This committee provides valuable advice, guidance, and assistance. Bridgerland Technical College works closely with our business and industry representatives to provide the best training available and effectively prepare students for the workforce.

Land a job! Every effort is made to assist students in securing meaningful employment at the conclusion of their training. Primary responsibility for placement rests with the individual student with first-line assistance from the department head of each program.

The Assessment & Learning Center offers additional assistance to those students seeking help. One goal of the Assessment & Learning Center is to assist students in developing job-seeking skills. This is accomplished through special job-seeking skill workshops, resume writing classes, group and individual counseling on how to organize an "aggressive, assertive" attack on the job market, and any other assistance as needed to ensure success in the job search.

The Bridgerland Technical College website is a place where employers come to find qualified graduates by posting job openings. View listings here.

On-Campus Job Placement Resources. Enrolled students are also provided the opportunity to work with the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) and Nexeo in finding employment while attending classes at Bridgerland Technical College or for placement upon completion.

Department of Workforce Services
Visit them daily at 180 North 100 West, Logan
(435) 792-0300
Visit them daily at 1467 North Main Street, North Logan
(435) 313-3399

Start your own business
The Bridgerland Technical College Entrepreneurship Center is located at the Logan Campus and provides a physical environment where emerging and established businesses can experience a collaborative environment of training, counseling, state-of-the art operating space, and relevant resource information from both government and private providers. Visit the BEC for more information.