IT STEM Academy Cybersecurity Competition

On February 21-22, 2019, high school students from Northern Utah’s IT STEM Academy attended the BSide SLC Cybersecurity and Capture the Flag (CTF) Hacking Competition.

These bright young students, known as the “Firehawks” from Ridgeline High School in Cache County, took 3rd Place among a predominantly adult field in the CTF competition.

We are extremely proud of all the effort and hard work they have put into achieving such an accomplishment. It is truly impressive to see them competing on the same skill level as adults.

The second year students are enrolled in the IT STEM Academy which reaches 8 regional high schools and teaches kids topics including: networking, Linux, Python, and cybersecurity.

IT STEM Academy is funded through a state technology grant and provides high school students a pathway to an Information Technology certificate and credit at Utah State University.

Congratulations to these fantastic young students! We hope to see more success from each of them in the near future.

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