Bridgerland Technical College

Requesting a Transcript/Certificate

A transcript is a copy of a student’s educational record. It is an inventory of the student throughout their program of study and includes full enrollment history, courses attempted, grades/ratings earned, and certificates awarded.

A student may request an official or an unofficial transcript. Both transcripts contain the same academic information; however, the official transcript has features that an unofficial transcript does not. The official transcript, for example, may be printed on special paper, come sealed in an envelope, and be marked as “official.”  Official transcripts are usually required when applying to another school.  An opened envelope, a photocopy of an original transcript, or an altered transcript are considered “unofficial.”

A certificate is offered to students who have completed the graduation requirements of a program at the College. Students may request a copy of any certificate awarded to them.

Fill out and submit the Transcript/Certificate Request Form. Request forms may also be completed in person at Student Services or by calling 435-753-6780.



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