Culinary Arts Wins People’s Choice Award

Culinary Arts and Meat Services put their skills to the test last night at Spice On Ice and came out victorious.

Spice On Ice is Eccles Ice Arena’s annual fundraising event that includes a friendly competition amongst Cache Valley’s finest chefs, who prepare their most delectable dishes in hopes of winning the coveted People’s Choice Award. The evening began with a social hour as guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and placed bids on their favorite silent auction items.

Meanwhile, Chef Eder Alejandro Figueroa-Chavez from Bridgerland Technical College and his team, along with the other competing chefs, were busy preparing mouthwatering meals from their portable kitchens. When it came time to serve dinner, the scene resembled an episode of Hells Kitchen as more than 350 hungry patrons eagerly streamed into the dining area and the hustle in each kitchen intensified.

Movements hastened and shouts of “Carrots in five!” and “Steak down!” filled the air. Professional servers waited attentively for the shout of “Order up!” from a head chef, indicating a platter was perfect and ready to be served. It was more an intense, choreographed dance than chaos; and in a matter of moments, it was over. The once-bustling kitchens were suddenly still, quiet. The excitement and chatter now came from the dining area as guests enjoyed meals fit for royalty. The chefs anxiously observed from afar, trying to gauge whether or not their offering had pleased the crowd.

Bridgerland Technical College’s team prepared an appetizer of roasted red potatoes stuffed with Gorgonzola and pancetta. They served an entree of pepper crusted flank steak from beef harvested and masterfully cut by Meat Services and cooked to perfection by our Culinary Arts, with sides of crisp-fried polenta and garlic-infused roasted carrots, all garnished with micro-greens that were organically grown in our very own Culinary Arts kitchen.

At the end of the evening, ballots were distributed to each table and patrons voted for the entree they enjoyed most. After the votes were counted it was clear: the Culinary Arts team from Bridgerland Technical College was the fan favorite!

Congratulations to Culinary Arts and Meat Services for their hard work and accomplishment of winning the prestigious Spice On Ice People’s Choice Award!

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