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Quickbooks 2018



QuickBooks 2018 (Level 1): Get down and dirty with the basics of QuickBooks. This course covers the fundamentals that every business will experience and some point in time. Begin with creating a company; creating accounts, customers, and vendors; working with customers; working with vendors; and balancing the checking account.

QuickBooks 2018 (Level 2): Take the plunge and travel deeper into QuickBooks by learning how to work with inventory, work with sales tax, use with Balance Sheet accounts, dabble with payroll, use estimates and time tracking, and customize QuickBooks.

**These courses are competency-based allowing you to progress at your own pace as your schedule permits, while demonstrating your skills and knowledge through a variety of assessments (assignments, concepts and skills reviews, and a final project). These courses are designed to be 30-hours; however, because of the unique format of competency-based instruction, it may take you less or more time than the listed hours. It takes discipline and determination to be successful in online course work. You are in charge of your own progress. To help you pace yourself through the course, you should develop a study schedule using the estimated course hours. The course will be available to you for 45 calendar days. During this time you will have online access to quizzes, assignments, and corrections keys. You will also have access to the Business Technology computer labs as needed.

This course is competency-based allowing you to progress as your schedule permits at home, work, or school!

Open Lab Availability:
Logan (LC): Mon - Thurs, 2 pm - 7 pm.
Contact: Kyle at (435) 750-3190 or
Brigham City (BC): Mon - Wed, 8 am - 12 pm or 5 pm - 8 pm.
Contact: Kristen at (435) 237-0069 or

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Books and Supplies

Required Textbook:

Level 1
QuickBooks 2018
Publisher: Labyrinth Learning 

Level 2
QuickBooks 2018
Publisher: labyrinth Learning
ISBN: 978-1-64061-008-8


About the Class

Price: $81

Location: Online/Logan Campus (Main) or Brigham City Branch Campus

Room Number: 1210 (Logan, Main) or 200 (Brigham)

Date: See Registration Code Below

Time: Online/Flexible open lab

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Registration Code

Logan (LC)
Brigham City (BC)

Logan Campus - Level 1

Class DateCodeCost
Oct 1 - Nov 15ACCT 0102 04 LC$81
Nov 5 - Dec 20ACCT 0102 05 LC$81
Dec 3 - Jan 17ACCT 0102 06 LC$81

Logan Campus - Level 2

Class DateCodeCost
Oct 1 - Nov 15ACCT 0103 02 LC$81
Nov 5 - Dec 20ACCT 0103 04 LC$81
Dec 3 - Jan 17ACCT 0103 05 LC$81

Brigham City Branch Campus - Level 1

Class DateCodeCost
Oct 3 - Nov 17ACCT 0102 04 BC$81
Nov 7 - Dec 22ACCT 0102 05 BC$81
Dec 4 - Jan 18ACCT 0102 06 BC$81

Brigham City Branch Campus - Level 2

Class DateCodeCost
Oct 3 - Nov 17ACCT 0103 01 BC$81
Nov 7 - Dec 22ACCT 0103 02 BC$81
Dec 4 - Jan 18ACCT 0103 03 BC$81

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