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General BTECH Scholarship Application

This general application is used to align students with all available scholarships based on the information provided. Scholarship qualifications and terms may vary by donor/funding source, so additional information may be requested. Recipients will be notified. See scholarship details to the right.



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Deadline: This application is Ongoing (always open); however, individual scholarships may have deadlines.

Award: Funds are mostly available to be used for tuition. Some scholarships may also be applied toward fees, books, and/or supplies. Actual award amounts vary, and what funds may be used for is determined by the donor and funding available. Recipients will be notified of what their scholarship may be used for upon acceptance of the award.

Eligibility Requirements: Graduating high school seniors and adults are eligible to apply. Requirements vary by scholarship and may be defined by the donor.

Selection Criteria: Applicants will be aligned with available scholarships and may be subject to committee review for recipient selection. Some scholarships may require an interview (recipients will be notified).

Disbursement Method: Most awards are posted in full to the recipient's student account for use throughout enrollment. Some awards may require multiple disbursements, which will be explained upon acceptance of the award.

Maintaining Eligibility: Recipients must maintain reasonable academic progress standards as defined by the college. See Policy 616 Academic Rights and Responsibilities for more information.

For Questions: Contact the Financial Aid Office, located in Student Services at the Logan Campus Main building.

Donor Scholarships

Bridgerland Technical College Scholarships/Waivers




When I was in high school, a Student Success Advisor from Bridgerland Technical College came and presented to my class. She mentioned that there were scholarship opportunities available. After talking with my friends, I decided that it was a good idea to apply regardless of the outcome, and the outcome was good! The scholarship money I received paid for my books and tuition -- now I can afford to continue my certificate in Media Design. I plan to get my technical certificate, and perhaps start my own business! 

Sami Swan

Technical Education Scholarship
Ethan Palmer150

If you never try, you never get what you want. When it comes to scholarships, I figured the worst case scenario is that I don’t get awarded anything. I was so excited when I got my scholarship! I was able to invest in myself and upgrade my tools to increase my proficiency in the work field; it also made it easier to pay my outside expenses. My plans are to go into Power Source Technology and work on recreational vehicles so people can enjoy their upgrades! 

Ethan Palmer

Alan and Jeanne Hall Foundation
Kaitlin Harrison

Having moved out of my parent's house, I was struggling to juggle all of my responsibilities. My friend applied for a scholarship and was successful – she mentioned that the process was fairly simple. After trying it out myself, I was awarded a scholarship that helped me stress less. I was able to focus more on my family, friends, and self. After graduation, I plan to work towards becoming a Registered Nurse and start helping people! 

Kaitlin Harrison

IHC Diversity Scholarship

My instructors pushed me to apply for scholarships all the time at Bridgerland Technical College. Thanks to my scholarship, I was able to move out of my parent’s house faster, get through my program quicker, and work harder! With my experience in Business Technology, I will use my marketing skills to join marketing teams for non-profit organizations! 

Bailey Bjorn

Technical Education Scholarship

A Little About Bridgerland Technical College

The mission of the Bridgerland Technical College is to deliver competency-based, employer-guided career and technical education to both secondary and post-secondary students through traditional and technology-enhanced methodologies. This hands-on technical education provides occupational education, skills training, and workforce development to support the educational and economic development of the Bear River Region.


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