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Associate of Applied Science in General Technology

Finish your 900-hour Bridgerland Technical College certificate and stack an Associate of Applied Science in General Technology degree on top of it. Graduate with a degree in one of the following emphasis areas.


General Business

Students will be provided a well-rounded study of basic business skills in computer applications, accounting, organizational behavior, marketing, communication, information technology, and other various business support skills. Non-technical skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and professionalism, are emphasized in each course and students can choose to work toward obtaining Microsoft Office certifications or other industry certifications that will enhance their resume and offer concrete evidence of superior computer skills.

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Design & Creative Arts

Students will obtain experience with technology related to Design and Creative arts including Sketching, 3D CAD, computer graphics, and other digital design and media technologies. Courses are designed to teach students industry practices through project-based activities.

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Technology Systems

Students will have the opportunity to explore the technical areas related to design, manufacturing, and product development. Courses are designed to be project based, with an emphasis on problem solving, and link directly to skills needed for industry and have industry recognized certifications that can be obtained.

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Allied Health Systems

Students will be equipped with clinical and clerical skills according to their interests. Courses will emphasize practical and experiential learning to equip future health professionals with necessary skills for workplace success. Students will cover applied courses and theory knowledge to better support the communities they work in. Students may focus on the assisting of medical procedures, emphasize patient care, or focus on community health and educational resources.

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Agricultural Production and Automated Processing Technology

Students will apply technical skills need to service, maintain, and troubleshoot advance technology used in agricultural production and processing. Coursework encompasses applied engineering, troubleshooting, and operation of equipment. As an integral part of the program, students may complete an occupational experience or an internship in the industry. Students completing the General Technology AAS emphasis in Agricultural Production and Automated Processing Technology may stack credits into a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Systems Technology.

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