Bridgerland Technical College

April 18, 2016

APRIL 18, 2016, 4 P.M.


Item 1

Pledge of Allegiance

Item 2

Minutes from the November 23, 2015, and April 4, 2016, Board Meetings are included for your review and subsequent approval.

Action:  Recommend approval of minutes.

Item 3

Recognition and Honor of the Bridgerland Applied Technology College (BATC) High School Cyber Patriot Team
John Davidson, VP for Instruction, with accompanying department head and instructors
We congratulate Team Vanguard, the BATC cyber security team that competed in the high school division of Cyber Patriot VIII – the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. During the school year, competing teams train on virtual machines to eliminate security vulnerabilities on a variety of platforms. Scores from preliminary rounds determine placement within platinum, gold, and silver tiers at the state, regional, and national rounds. BATC’s Team Vanguard was comprised of students from Bear River, Logan, and Sky View high schools and was coached by BATC IT instructors.

Although this was their first year of competition, Team Vanguard's performance was stellar. Team Vanguard earned a spot in the gold tier going into the state competition in January. They placed first among all Utah teams in any tier and 10th in the nation against 491 teams in their gold tier. They then moved into the regional round in February and placed 9th in their tier, trailing only teams from the technical havens of California and Washington. Particularly noteworthy in the regional round was Team Vanguard’s score on the Cisco Networking Challenge lead by Curtis Morgan. Team Vanguard was outscored by only one other team in that component of the competition.

Action:  Information item/pleasure of the Board.

Item 4

Proposed Tuition Increase  
James White, VP for Student Services
As directed by UCAT Central Administration, BATC proposes a tuition increase of $.10 per membership hour for FY2017. The increase would raise the rate from $1.75 to $1.85 per membership hour. UCAT has recommended a $.05 increase and BATC is requesting a new Tier II rate of $.05 per membership hour to help fund technology infrastructure. BATC held its required public hearing for the proposed tuition increase on April 4, 2016, and received no opposition to the tuition increase. The Notice of Proposed Tuition Increase and Public Hearing announcement is included for your information and reference. The announcement contains additional information regarding the effect of the proposed tuition increase.

It also seems appropriate to remind the Board that the final decision regarding tuition rate increases is the responsibility of the UCAT Board of Trustees. The UCAT Board of Trustees approved the UCAT base increase along with BATC’s Tier II request at the April 6, 2016, meeting.

Action: Recommend approval of Proposed Tuition Increase.
Attachment: Notice of Proposed Tuition Increase 2016

Item 5

Differential Tuition Rates
James White, VP for Student Services
Included for your information and review is a letter from President Campbell to UCAT requesting the renewal of a differential tuition rate for the Farm and Ranch Management and Academic Learning programs. Differential tuition rates for these two offerings have been in existence for many years; however, UCAT Policy No. 204.6 (6.4) dictates that approved differential tuition rates expire on June 30 of each year and a new request and approval by the UCAT Board of Trustees is required for the next fiscal year. Accordingly, this letter has been forwarded to UCAT Administration and the UCAT Board of Trustees. The Trustees approved this request at their April 6, 2016, meeting.

Action: Recommend approval of the Differential Tuition Rates.
Attachment: BATC Differential Tuition 2016 Letter

Item 6

FY2018 Strategic Planning – Capital Improvement Request
John Davidson, VP for Instruction
Capital Improvement requests are designed to make major improvements or repairs to existing state buildings.

Included for your information and review is a copy of BATC’s Capital Improvement Requests for FY2018. The spreadsheet represents a summary listing of the respective projects. The projects listed have been identified by a combination of processes that include a facility condition assessment conducted by DFCM and the Strategic Planning process internal to BATC.

BATC Administration will be present at the meeting to provide the Board with additional details and will address any questions or comments he or she may have.

Action: Recommend approval of the FY2018 Strategic Planning – Capital Improvement Request.
Attachment: Capital Improvement Request FY2018 Summary

Item 7

FY2017 Certificate and Transcript-Level Credential Changes
Wendy Brog, VP for Instruction
Included for Board information and review are proposed program changes with an effective implementation date of July 1, 2016.

1)    The first change is to modify the mode of delivery for the existing program Business Technology from ‘traditional/hybrid’ to ‘traditional/hybrid/distance education.’  The Council on Occupational Education defines a distance education program as “A program that makes available 50% or more of its required instructional hours via distance education.” Due to student requests, the Business Technology program would like to make the curriculum available in an online format to students not receiving federal financial aid.NOTE: The U.S. Department of Education currently prohibits students receiving federal financial aid from participating in distance education for clock-hour schools. However, an Experimental Sites Initiative (ESI) is being conducted to test the effectiveness of statutory and regulatory flexibility in disbursing Title IV student aid. Until the results of the ESI are unveiled, BATC will only enroll non-federal aid students into the distance education delivered Business Technology program.

2)    Outlined are program hour modifications and exit point changes for consideration:
  • Automated Manufacturing & Robotics program reducing from 1500 hours to 1410 hours with embedded exit point modifications
  • Automotive Service program reducing from 1440 hours to 1380 hours
  • Diesel program increasing from 1110 hours to 1260 hours
  • Electronic Engineering Technology program reducing from 1500 hours to 1410 hours with embedded exit point modifications
  • Exit point modifications in Health Sciences and Emergency Services as dictated by legislative change and/or license regulations
  • Exit point additions in Information Technology

BATC Administrative staff will be present at the meeting to explain the proposed changes. Once approved by the BATC Board of Directors, application for consideration will be forwarded to the Council on Occupational Education (COE).

Action: Recommend approval of the FY2017 Certificate and Transcript-Level Certificate Changes, including mode of delivery, hour modifications, and embedded certificate changes.
Attachments: COE Mini FormCOE Letter for Program ChangesBATC Program List

Item 8

Senate Bill (SB) 131 (2016 General Session) Utah College of Applied Technology Governance Amendments – Summary of Provisions & Policies/Procedures Updates
K. Chad Campbell, College President
Included for your information and review is a summary of provisions contained in SB131. This summary was prepared by the Utah College of Applied Technology and is provided as means of communicating the substantive changes to UCAT governance as a result of SB131.

As you recall, the immediate effect of SB131, as it relates to the BATC Board of Directors, was the establishment of a term-limit for BATC’s representative, Mike Madsen, on the UCAT Board of Trustees. The nominations approved at the April 4, 2016, Board of Directors meeting have been forwarded to the Governor’s Office for final selection. UCAT also forwarded a letter of support. A copy of BATC’s nomination letter along with the letter of support from UCAT is for your information and review.

In addition to a discussion of the nomination process, BATC Administration will provide a brief synopsis of the other changes and will be available to address any other questions or comments the Board may have.

Due to changes in SB131, the name changes and links to the Utah Code in BATC policies and procedures need updated. In previous policy manual discussions, it has been recommended by the Board that BATC Administration make the required name changes and updates to Utah Code references without returning the policies to the Board for final approval. BATC Administration would like to request approval to follow that process for these changes.

Actions: Information item/pleasure of the Board for SB131 Summary of Provisions.
Recommend approval for BATC Administration to update name changes and references resulting from SB131 in BATC policies and procedures.
Attachments: SB131 Summary of ProvisionsBATC Nomination LetterUCAT Board of Trustees Support Letter

Item 9

Legislative Update – Budget Summary
K. Chad Campbell
A brief update and discussion of the results from the 2016 General Session of the Legislature as it relates to BATC and UCAT will be provided at the meeting.

  • SB08 entitled “State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations” provided BATC with $310,100 for a 2 percent Cost-Of-Living Adjustment (COLA) increase along with the associated benefits.
  • HB02 entitled “New Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Act” provided BATC with $313,900 for new or existing program expansion and appropriated $600,000 to UCAT for system-wide equipment needs and another $800,000 for Custom Fit. BATC’s share of the two UCAT Appropriations is $81,100 for equipment and $100,000 for Custom Fit. This update is just a preliminary report for the FY2017 budget.

Action:  Recommend approval for the FY2017 budget to be prepared with a 2 percent COLA increase along with the resulting changes in benefits.

Item 10

Ninth Annual Career Days
Troy Christensen, VP for Brigham City
It is, once again, time for the BATC Career Days event, which is scheduled for May 4-5, 2016.  As you will recall, this event is designed to provide secondary students with a hands-on experience in Career and Technical Education Pathways. We anticipate nearly 4,000 secondary students to attend. The event is sponsored by BATC, the area school districts, and several local business and industry partners.

Action:  Information item/pleasure of the Board.

Item 11

Campus President’s Report, Board Chair Update, and Legislative Update
K. Chad Campbell, Campus President / Mike Madsen, Board Chair
BATC’s Board Chair and Campus President will provide a brief update of any UCAT and/or legislative developments.

  • UCAT Board leadership
  • UCAT Commissioner selection process
  • BATC/Logan City Land Swap-1400 North 600 West Intersection

Action:  Information item/pleasure of the Board.

Item 12

Other Items of Business

Item 13

Next Meeting Date: The next Board meeting will be Monday, June 20, 2016, at 4 p.m.

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