Machining Technology

Certificate Description

The Machining Technology program trains students to use machine tools to produce complex parts, from the machines to the parts they use to produce their product in every industry. Machinists are trained to use various turning, milling, grinding, and computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines to produce these complex parts. Machinists are tasked to interpret engineer drawings to process the desired part.The Machining Technology program is structured to give students a solid foundation in the core fundamentals of machining and launch their careers in a field that is always in high demand.


  • Demonstrate safe operation of machine shop equipment
  • Interpret engineering drawings
  • Perform calculations common to the machining industry
  • Use appropriate measuring equipment
  • Use cutting tool geometry and theory in the machining process
  • Select appropriate equipment and cutting tools
  • Set up, program, and operation a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine
Certificate Courses

Additional Requirements

Complete Machining Essentials (MACH0995).

This course must be completed with a B- or better before a student can register for courses in the Machining Technology program. An introductory course to basic procedures and machining operations encountered in the manufacturing industry. Topics include essential safety practices, use of basic measuring tools, and applications of pedestal grinding, rough sawing material, basic manual lathe operations OR basic manual mill operations.


  • Identify safe practices in a machine shop
  • Identify correct clean-up procedures
  • Demonstrate accurate use and reading of steel rules, micrometers, and calipers
  • Perform basic layout procedures
  • Demonstrate and perform accurate use of hand tools
  • Demonstrate safe setup and operation of band saws

Lathe Option – Objectives:

  • Demonstrate safe operation of a pedestal grinder
  • Demonstrate safe operation of a lathe
  • Demonstrate proper machine maintenance and workstation cleanup
  • Demonstrate proper workholding device selection and setup
  • Demonstrate proper lathe cutting tool selection and setup
  • Demonstrate efficient speeds and feeds for lathe tooling
  • Perform accurate lathe OD machining operations
  • Create and evaluate surface finishes

Mill Option – Objectives:

  • Demonstrate safe operation of a milling machine
  • Demonstrate proper machine maintenance and workstation cleanup
  • Demonstrate proper workholding device selection and setup
  • Demonstrate proper mill cutting tool selection and setup
  • Demonstrate efficient speeds and feeds for mill tooling
  • Perform accurate milling of outside and inside surfaces
  • Perform accurate holeforming mill operations for size and location
  • Create and evaluate milled surface finishes
Students must attend a course orientation 8 AM on the first class.
Students must attend 30 hours per week.
Open Lab Availability:
Mon – Fri, 7 am – 4 pm.

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Bridgerland Technical College is open year round. Most programs are open-entry, open-exit, which means you can start the program at the first of every month as long as there is space available. Please contact SSA's for questions about this program, or check start dates.

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Logan Campus Application

Once the pre admission course Machining Essentials (MACH0995) has been successfully completed, students will work with the Machining Department for a start date.

Estimated Tuition & Fees

$3,285 - this is an estimate.
Course fees may vary.

Pell Eligible: Yes

Estimated Monthly Payment:

$365- based off of full-time enrollment.

Campus Locations

Logan Campus

Quick Facts

Certificate Duration
1050 Hours - 8 - 10 months
Hours per Week
30 hrs/wk
Certificate Availability
High School Students:
Arranged - varies by school

Adult Students:
Flexible hours
Mon - Fri, 8 am - 2:30 pm
Tues - Thurs, 5 pm - 10 pm

Outcome Data

Reported Annually to the Accrediting Agency Council on Occupational Education

Completion: 74%
Job Placement: 100%
Withdrawal: 26%

Outcome statistics are compiled annually based upon Training Outcome surveys conducted with students post-graduation. Data is gathered through coordination with the student, faculty, Student Services Office personnel, and licensing agencies.

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