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June 19, 2017

JUNE 19, 2017, 4 P.M.


Item 1
Pledge of Allegiance & WelcomeItem 2
Minutes from the April 24, 2017, Board meeting are available online for your review and subsequent approval.ACTION:  Recommend approval of minutes.Item 3
President Evaluation – Closed Session
Ann Geary, Board Chair
In accordance with the Utah System of Technical Colleges (UTECH) Policy 112 entitled, “Applied Technology College Presidents-Review and Evaluation,” a committee comprised of the Commissioner, two members of the Board of Trustees, and the Chair and Vice Chair of the Bridgerland Board of Directors, have conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the current Bridgerland President. This comprehensive evaluation process, that is done at least once during each three years of service, is intended to reflect the full scope of duties expected of the President and to provide meaningful, substantive feedback from the Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors, college faculty, staff, local community and business leaders, and other relevant stakeholders regarding the President’s efforts, strengths, and any areas needing improvement. The results of the President’s comprehensive review, as conducted by the review committee, will be discussed with the entire Board of Directors, during a closed session of the Board meeting.The closed session of the meeting is authorized by Title 52-4-204 and 52-4-205 of the Utah Code, which requires that a quorum is present, the meeting begins as an open meeting for which notice has been given, and two-thirds of the Board members present at the open meeting vote to approve closing the meeting. The purpose of this closed meeting as outlined above is to discuss the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual.ACTION: Vote to move into Closed Session to discuss personnel.ACTION: Vote to return to Open Session.Item 4
New Name and Branding Update
Wendy Carter, Vice President for Instruction
One of the items from SB 238 – Higher Education Governance is the name change from Bridgerland Applied Technology College to Bridgerland Technical College. With this change, the Marketing Department has been engaged in creating a new brand for the College. The colors of red, black, gray, and white will remain the same. With the collaboration of faculty, staff, students, and the Board Leadership, a new icon with complementary lettering has been developed and will be presented.ACTION: Information item/pleasure of the Board.
Item 5
Stand-Alone Course Approval
Wendy Carter, Vice President for Instruction (Chief Instructional Officer)
During the UTECH Board of Trustees meeting conducted on May 18, 2017, the Board approved changes to a number of policies related to alignment of UTECH and Council on Occupational Education (COE) enrollment/outcomes reporting policies. Included in these policy changes is an update to Policy 200 “Program/Course Approval and Reporting” in Section 5.1.2 entitled, “Stand-Alone Courses.” This policy requires that courses, which are not part of an approved certificate, shall be approved by a College Chief Instructional Officer designated by the President and (the new part) reported to the College Board of Directors as an information item (i.e. not requiring approval) in the next regularly scheduled meeting after approval by the Chief Instructional Officer.At Bridgerland, the Chief Instructional Officer designated by the President is Wendy Carter. In accordance with the new provisions of this policy, Wendy will provide the Board of Directors with an outline or list of the “Stand-Alone Courses” she has approved.Online Document: Technically Speaking Class Schedule Summer 2017

ACTION: Information Item/Pleasure of the Board.

Item 6
Policy Updates
Chad Campbell, President
Wendy Carter, Vice President for Instruction
Keeping policies and procedures current and up-to-date is a never-ending process. In general terms, the College Administration tries to keep policies up-to-date from a functional point-of-view but considers it a challenge to keep up with semantic changes. A few of the more significant factors that influence the functional changes include COE Accreditation Standards, Legislative and Governance changes such as SB131 and SB238, and Federal Financial Aid compliance such as “Consumer Disclosures.”

In preparation for an upcoming COE accreditation reaffirmation site visit, Bridgerland has been working to update and improve existing policies. The College makes a concerted effort to keep policies up-to-date and in compliance with external factors outlined above on a regular and recurring basis. However, extra effort and “clean-up” of policies has occurred during the accreditation self-study process. Included for your review and subsequent approval are a variety of proposed policy, procedure, and “plan” changes. Most of these changes are the result of organizational structure changes within the College or legislation that just require updates to terminology in the policy. That is, the changes are primarily semantic in nature. Other policies or “plans” have been updated to reorganize the existing language into a sequence that would make it easier for COE site visit evaluators to match our policy with the COE requirements. And, finally, some of these policy changes have functional changes or combine two policies into one comprehensive policy.

In addition to the modification of the existing polices described above, Bridgerland Administration would like to propose a relatively major change to policy 300.345 “Benefits.” This change would update the existing policy to include a provision for the “Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA/CREF).” This provision is long over-due. The reasons and rationale for the proposed change will be provided during the meeting.

Other Policies

300.345 Benefits
500.530 Criminal background investigations
600.610 Student background check - REMOVE (Combined with 500.530)
300.391 criminal background checks - REMOVE (Combined with 500.530)

COE Policies

100.102 Creation of UTECH and BTECH
100.103 Governing Authority
100.104 Mission Role Function
100.105 College President & Other Administrative Officers
100.106 College Councils, Committee, & Boards
200.201 Authority Amendments Sections 100-200
200.206 Communication Changes Faculty Staff Students
300.325 Employee Grievance procedures
300.329 Performance appraisal procedures
300.337 Safety health - REMOVE (Combined with 500.537)
600.604 Admissions, enrollment, and registration
600.606 Tuition tuition refunds_Refund Policy_Withdrawal Definition_Return of Title IV funds Policy
600.608 Student grievance
600.630 Student ADA
600.650 Student privacy records
600.690 Student transfer
600.692 Student records access procedures
600.694 Student accident plan - REMOVE (Combined with 500.537)
800.801 Financial reporting maintenance financial records
800.805 Budget request procedure internal departments
900.901 Technology enhanced instruction purpose and overview
900.902 Technology enhanced instruction adademic standards
900.907 Verification of Student Identity in Technology Enhanced Instruction
900.911 Technology enhanced instruction proctor exams
500.566 Hazardous material


500.537 Safety health plan
500.500a Media services plan
500.575 Information systems (IS) security procedures
500.590 Physical facilities-technology infrastructure operation - maintanance plan
600.691 Student follow-up placement plan
600.693 Student services personnel evaluation plan
600.695 Work-Based Activity Plan

Item 7
Fiscal Year (FY) 2017-2018 Strategic Planning and Mission-Driven Operating Budget
Chad Campbell, President
Included for your information and review is the FY 2017-2018 Operating Budget. The spreadsheet provides a comparison of the changes among FY 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

During the April 24, 2017, Board Meeting, a brief update and implementation plan for new programs and equipment funding was provided and discussed. This update and implementation plan provided the Board with details on how Bridgerland planned to utilize the SB02 new program and equipment funds during FY2017-2018 (included in the list below).

The following funds were appropriated:

  • SB02 – $383,300 for new programs
  • SB02 – $165,400 of one-time and $165,400 of on-going funds for new equipment
  • HB08 – $336,300 for compensation
  • SB08 – $69,400 for Internal Service Fund Adjustments (Brigham Campus O&M)
  • HB01 – $190,000 for Strategic Workforce Investment initiatives.

The Board of Directors recommended a $.05/hour tuition increase that was subsequently approved by the Board of Trustees that results in an estimated increase in tuition revenue of $39,100.Utilization or implementation of the new funds appropriated by the Legislature, in addition to the new program and equipment funds approved in April, include a 2 percent Cost of Living increase, along with the associated salary-driven and non-salary-driven benefit increases. With these funds, an effort to address merit-based increases, where applicable, has also been included in this budget. This budget reflects an increase in the O&M rate at the Brigham City Campus from $4.04/sq. ft. to $5.73/sq. ft. as implemented by the Division of Facilities, Construction and Management who owns the Brigham Education Complex. This budget also includes the repurposing of existing funds as a result of internal efficiencies and natural attrition.

In addition to the discussion and subsequent approval of the proposed “appropriated” budget, a brief discussion of the other sources and uses of revenue at Bridgerland will also be provided.

ACTION:  Recommend approval of the FY2017-2018 Operating Budget.

Item 8
Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Strategic Planning − Capital Development Request
Chad Campbell, President
As a result of careful strategic and master planning efforts, Bridgerland has been submitting a Capital Development request to the State Building Board and the Legislature for many years. This request is the result of long-term planning and is designed to meet the current (urgent) and future expansion needs of the College. Requests of this nature can take years to process through the Building Board and Legislature. Accordingly, Bridgerland needs your approval to continue submitting the Capital Development Request for a new Health Sciences and STEM Technology Building to the Building Board and the Legislature for the FY2018-2019 request cycle.

For your information and recommendations, this proposed project was presented to the UTECH Board of Trustees during their May 18, 2017, meeting. The result of their prioritization includes both good and bad news. The Bridgerland Health Sciences building tied with the new Technology building being proposed by Mountainland Technical College. The Mountainland project has been prioritized as the first priority for many years. The tie is second priority for UTECH projects. The Health Sciences building being proposed by the Davis Technical College moved up on the priority list from third to first. A brief discussion will be provided. Bridgerland Administration will be available to address any questions or recommendations.

ACTION:  Recommend approval of the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Strategic Planning − Capital Development request.

Item 9
2017-2022 Strategic Plan – Questionnaire & Revisions
Chad Campbell, President
The Board approved the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan at the November 23, 2015, Board meeting. This approval followed an extensive redesign. To review the Strategic Plan for the next year, a questionnaire was sent to faculty, staff, and Board members to gather input. In addition, students complete an Instruction/Program Evaluation Survey in which results are analyzed and incorporated into the plan. The Administrative Team, with the direction of the President, evaluated all input and have suggested the revisions as outlined. These changes are designed for continual improvement and to fulfill the mission of the College.

ACTION:  Recommend approval of the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan.

Item 10
New Board Members
Chad Campbell, President
Effective July 1, 2017, the Bridgerland Technical College Board of Directors will be comprised of 12 members. There are to be five members representing education and seven members representing business and industry. New business and industry representatives are to be appointed jointly by the education representatives of the Board.

Bridgerland will need to appoint at least one and possibly two new Business and Industry Board members. In an effort to identify potential candidates, the Board Chair and the President of the College developed a list of potential candidates and have made contact with these candidates as appropriate. A brief discussion and subsequent recommendation for new Board members will be provided by Administration and the Board Chair.

ACTION: Recommend selection and appointment of new Business and Industry Board members.

Item 11
BATC Updates & Calendar Items
Chad Campbell, President

  • BATC calendar available at
    • Career Days Report – Troy Christensen
  • 2017 Board Meeting Dates
    • August 28
    • November 20
  • 2017 Building Board Tours
    • August 16 and 17
Item 12
Board of Trustees Report
Dr. Scott Theurer, Trustee Representative
A brief update from the Board of Trustees will be provided.Item 13
Other Items of BusinessItem 14
Next Meeting Date: The next Board meeting will be Monday, August 28, 2017, at 4 p.m.

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